Meet the Network Series: DJ AFFILINATION

DJ AFFILINATION is the life of the party. Affilination hosts weekly parties at his house, and keeps it rockin’ on the weekend at the club. His on-the-fly mixing and extensive knowledge on the 1’s & 2’s keeps the experience fresh every time. He combines house, dubstep, party rock, and his own productions to keep the crowd into it.

 September 13th: The Blue Network & The Round Table Present DJ AFFILINATION LIVE  @ The Amsterdam Bar & Hall. Contact us at


Meet the Network: Joe Cole

Joe Cole is an inspiration to the people who surround him. His unique voice, complex rhythms, & laid back style make for a stellar performance. Joe combines elements of Reggae, Jazz, Skaa, Indie, and Soul to produce a finely-tuned sound. Offstage you can find Joe longboarding, playing acoustic, and being a friend to all.

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Come See Joe Cole & Reo Galor September 13th 9:00 Live @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall!

Meet the Network: Scooterboi

Marquis “Scooterboi” Hunt is an individual, and it certainly shows in the music he makes. They say it takes hearing something seven times for it to be remembered. Scooterboi is here to tell us, to tell the haters good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning AND goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight. This is certainly a testament as to how he lives his life. Scooterboi has a dream of spreading love through his music, and strives to achieve this DAILY. Marquis runs his own digital magazine MN Face, and also makes custom-cut clay necklaces through his start-up Dope Cut Clay.


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Minneapolis/St. Paul: Twin Cities, filled with Culture, Business, & ‘Minnesota Nice’

From a world-class Orchestra, to friendly Minnesotan Accents, and breathtaking views inbetween; Minnesota boasts one of the most unique and fun-loving cultures in the world. It is a city of iconic figures, home to Prince, Bob Dylan, and the Andrews Sisters. An alternative scene with hits from Husker Du, The Replacements, Suburbs, Suicide Commandos, and Soul Asylum. With Hip-Hop artists Brother Ali, Doom Tree, P.O.S., & Atmosphere.

Minnesota has the second highest colleges per capita, hosting a pool of young, ambitious talent. More & more of  which are exploring the possibility of a degree from an arts, media, design, or technical college. This is garnished by Minnesota’s rich history of street performing arts (Bob Dylan/West Bank Performers), to a very prominent local hip-hop scene we see today. Minnesota has been crowned the cultural capital of the Midwest. With affordable cost of living and over 10,000 lakes, trails, rivers & parks, it is a friendly place to explore.

The rivalry in the early 1900’s, between the Saint Paul Saints & Minneapolis Millers, showed us our differences have lead us nowhere. With the teams split between the two cities (9 mi apart), inner-city tensions and rivalries became more prevalent. This continued as the Minneapolis Lakers (1947-1960) remained a one city team.

It was in 1961, when the formation of the Minnesota Twins and Minnesota Vikings joined the entire state together. Since that point, every other sports team in Minnesota has been named after our great state: Timberwolves, Muskies, North Stars, Swarm, Wild, Lynx, Fighting Saints. It is when we use our talents in a positive, collaborative manner that we lift each other and the entire Midwest.

There are a broad range of start-up companies that have happened in Minnesota as well. Businesses are enticed by low cost of living, tax breaks for corporations, & low property values. These include giants: Target, SuperValu, UnitedHealth, 3M, Medtronic, General Mills, Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, & Caribou Coffee.

Culture brought niche market startups to the Twin Cities, as well as many discount and secondhand stores. The Blue Network itself is a niche market startup. An empersario service; committed to providing the best local artists at the best local venues. It has been a learning process but I have found the venues & artists in Minnesota are very welcoming and open to working with anyone. There are bigger cities like Detroit, St. Louis, & Chicago where you must first pay your dues to ‘the union’. In Minnesota, people strive to further culture while helping one another in our pursuits. Its what makes here home and Minneapolis/St. Paul the Twin Cities filled with Culture, Business, & ‘Minnesota Nice’.

Meet the Network: Reo Galor

“Twin Cities Most Slept On: 2012”

Reo Galor will certainly not be slept on in the Twin Cities any longer. After dropping smash hit single “No Shirt” he was featured on local radio station 89.9 KMOJ. In 2012, he won “Twin Cities Most Slept On,” at the Twin Cities Urban Music Awards in Minneapolis. Reo’s music is relatable, fun, and impossible to get out of your head. He exemplifies Minnesota with his charming personality, ladykiller looks, and enduring sense of the positive.


“I don’t rush to make Bull$#!t, I take time to achieve greatness”

In performing over 50 shows locally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area, Reo Galor has honed his craft as a showman. He knows how to own the spotlight while keeping people dancing, drinking, and off their cell phones. With catchy hooks and relatable music, fans can relax and enjoy themselves as they should to tracks like “Hard on the Weekend” & “Bon Jovi.”!/ReoGalor